Shocking Details On Why Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool Hugged At 10 Years Of Eddy Kenzo.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool have have been at logger heads for not less than two decades.

The two have always been heard exchanging words some of which are insulting. They have called each other names and also mocked each other especially after they fell on the two politically opposite side.

However this year(2019) on 5th January, the two were seen hugging before Buganda’s premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

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After a thorough research, we have come to a conclusion on what made this possible.

For starters Bobi Wine has always advocated for peace rather than violence as reflected in almost all his speeches. Bebe Cool on the other hand has also been heard a couple of times saying he is doing musical battles rather than political ones.

Bobi Wine was also overheard by our snoop telling someone that political propagandists were working hard to see him in bad terms his fellow artistes.

“They want to make me fight my fellow artistes so that we can divide the fans” our source quotes Bobi Wine.

At the event it was probably Bobi Wine’s opportunity to make the plans of being against fellow artistes futile. This is clearly showed as he stood up when Bebe Cool approached their table to great the premier of Buganda, ready to greet Bebe Cool and the efforts were fuelled by the premier when he pointed at Bobi Wine as a sign that Bebe Cool should greet him too.

This could have been the first step in the journey of reconciling the two.

We shall keep you updated.