Six Reasons Why You Should Pay Social Media tax and leave the VPN.

Hours after the government introducing the much anticipated OTT tax alias Social media tax, EJazz Ug has compiled a report of the disadvantages of the most common by pass method i.e use of Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Some of the most common VPN include: Vivi VPN, Secure VPN, Psiphon Pro among others

  • First of all its simply a way of tax evasion which is punishable by the law of the Republic of Uganda.
  • It is more expensive than the tax. For any internet data activity required, it should be through the VPN that means more data Usage as the VPN connects to its server which then connects to your final required website. This therefore makes it more expensive than the OTT Tax.
  • Battery Drainage: The VPN apps are known to be operating in the background and therefore end up draining the battery. This is because every app that uses internet is meant to connect through the VPN.
  • VPN is more likely to capture your data for example login details and use them without your permission.
  • Most reliable VPNs are not free of charge – You may subscribe to a free Virtual Private Network, but for safety reasons, you may want to opt for a paid monthly subscription. Take the following into account – no online service is actually “free”, which might mean that a free-of-charge VPN may come with a hidden bonus – i.e. it might sell data from your online activity to ad-providers, among other nasty surprises.
  • You will have to do some research to ensure good connection speed – That is to say that a VPN, by encrypting all your network traffic for anonymity reasons, usually takes a lot of resources which means that it might become annoyingly slow. It isn’t always the case though, but for good speed connection, you may have to opt for a paid VPN.
  • Not all VPNs can be trusted – To expand on previous points, you should be also aware of the fact that VPN IPs aren’t unique, but shared by various people, which may lead to several unsavory scenarios, such as IP address blacklisting and IP spoofing, to name a few. Therefore, it is very important to subscribe only to reputable, trustworthy VPNs that you’ve researched thoroughly beforehand.
  • You may find VPNs to be more complex than you’d like – A complex, secure VPN is something to look for, but that might actually translate to a number of unwanted problems. An intricate mix of protocols, network topologies and hardware equipment, and service providers makes up a VPN channel – and you may discover that not all its components “play” well together. That may entail more stress and even money setting up a good, well-functioning VPN connection.
    • You open yourself to attacks such as IP spoofing, it will be trivial for someone else to use the very same IP address than you,

    • Possibly your IP address may be blacklisted due to the activity of another VPN user, which may result into limited or refused access into some websites.