Investing is the best thing women can advise their men. – Mun G’s wife Uses Social Media Tax To Educate Fellow Women .

Like it is said, “Behind every successful man is a hardworking woman”, this came directly to Clara Mungi, lover to Hiphop Singer Mungi Matovu Emmanuel aka Mun G.

Clara, after clearing her social media tax went to her social media and chose to give a simple educational piece to he women out there.

According to Clara, she is somewhere far from where she used to be because she does not often go for outings even when hubby is a musician.

She couldn’t also put her OTT tax to waste without advising the women about their roles as family members.

Below is Clara’s Full Statement.

I still have along away to go but am already so far from where I used to be. Am not an outing gal I think thats why we have what we have. Investing is the best thing women can advise their men because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Nice Sunday