Soroti Private School Owners Oppose Re-opening

Private schools owners in Soroti city have opposed the re-opening of school.

Through their association, Soroti city Privates Schools Association oppose the re-opening of schools for candidate classes citing ill preparedness by schools and parents.

While addressing the nation yesterday President Museveni okayed the opening of the schools for students in candidate classes and finalists in university and tertiary institutions who will resume fulltime school activities on 15th October.

Education institutions were closed on March 20 to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Paul Etiang, the chairperson Soroti City Privates Schools Association and the Director Soroti Education, Center says government has not come out clearly on safety measures for teachers and learners who do not reside in school premises. 

“Government itself is not prepared!” says Etyang. “Yes we need education, but look where we shall get children to be promoted to next class since we are giving priority to candidate class.”

According to Etiang there is a need to psychologically prepare the learners from COVID-19 related effects.

“We have not given time to prepare our children psychologically, most of them are already traumatized when they had to leave schools abruptly.