South Florida native singer Kendra Erika is captivating her listeners through the latest single 'PURE LOVE' thumbnail

South Florida native singer Kendra Erika is captivating her listeners through the latest single ‘PURE LOVE’

Up-and coming music artist Kendra Erika is spreading her musical creativity through the latest single ‘PURE LOVE’. She is a talented South Florida native singer.

Boca Raton, Florida Apr 16, 2021 (  – Stunning vocals and a soft enveloping soundscape have united in the latest single ‘PURE LOVE’ by Kendra Erika. Upbeat musical arrangement and the artist’s soft meandering vocal tone act like an added sweetener to this beautiful pop composition. A soulful and romantic lyrical approach radiates through the sprawling soundscape can captivate all the listeners. Kendra has done a marvelous job in crafting this track that feels uplifting and energizing. Fresh and harmonic digital grooves along with soul-soothing lyricism make the track a musical treat for all kinds of listeners around the world.

Kendra is an uber-talented South Florida native singer who has made some grandiose progress through the music industry. Her bold appearance and confident singing style did not fail to impress listeners as well as the fellow musicians in the industry. Previously, this artist has garnered a lot of attention with her singles like, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Echoes’, ‘Under My Skin’, ‘Deeper Love’, etc to name some. Each of them is a musical hit and proves the artist’s musical consistency. She has multiple singles that have created a major buzz through the top Ten Billboard Dance music charts, ‘Self Control’ made its way to no.1. Kendra has become powerful with every release and that reflects through the latest track ‘PURE LOVE’ as well. The artist is working under her own label, Oystershell Music.

This versatile artist developed her knack for music at a very young age and spent years in classical training to make her vocal skills pitch-perfect. With her tonal beauty and vocal perfection, Kendra is looking forward to crafting more tracks in the coming days. Her forthcoming album is scheduled to be released in the latter half of this year. Follow Kendra Erika over SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and her official website to know more about upcoming music and events.

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