Things To Leave In 2017 On The Entertainment Scene.

Below is a list of some things that people in the entertainment circles should  abandon prior to the end of the year 2017.  Most of these are way too stale for Christ’s sake.

Guys, enough. You have made your point. We get it. Can we please let go of that dab dance? Let’s leave that for our kids in our sitting rooms. Like seriously! Even you adults?

Can we please let these girls enjoy their time? You had your time, posing for photos and buying hard copies for keeps in your album books at home. There was no social media for you. These ones have social media. They had coined their slang “to slay” whenever they posted their stuff on social media. You slated them and they coiled. They even discarded their selfie sticks lest you chaps roast them. It is no longer funny roasting or minding a slay queen’s business. It makes you empty. As time goes, you are yet to see.

      People we know it’s cool performing live. It’s cool promising your fans you will perform live at a concert. Then, it better be live. We know when you have a DJ starting your session, backed up by a drummer and a solo guitarist, with no bass guitarist and say a keyboardist, it’s plainly semi-live. We know you fear saying, “I will play off a CD or semi-live.”

Standup comedians, it is not really cool telling us who wrote your jokes amid your set. Do you see presidents tell us who wrote their speeches amid their speeches? Let the show first end after we have teethed teary before you give some of your shine to others.

Artistes learn the art of branding yourselves and leave the whining in 2017. This business of saving Ugandan musicians from nothing makes you cry babies. Ask yourself why Diamond Platnumz rakes in that much money headlining a concert in Kampala at your expense. His brand is expensive.

Hey slay queens and Kings (couldn’t resist) just because you attend a live band event featuring saxophonists does not really mean it’s a jazz show.

Not every DJ is good enough to play in outdoor setting. Organisers do your homework and get us DJs good enough for outdoor events at venues such as stadiums. You have choked us enough on particular DJs.

Sheebah and Bebe Cool should keep up the work. Always in your face when you least expect them.

Enough of average Nigerian artistes. Seriously, you bring us a Nigerian artiste with one good song? That was Kamanyilo.

And oh, us entertainment journalists. Stop Attending press conferences and you ask Billy Ocean what songs he did. Come with some matter.