Weasel Manizo Fails To Uphold Mowzey Radio’s Legacy, Breaks Fallen Soldier’s Promise!

Latest news coming to our desk has it that Goodlife Singer Weasel Manizo has failed to hold Radio’s legacy as he s already breaking the promises that their brand made!

We have come to learn that Weasel fired his manager Chagga who has been with them for over 15 years. He did the firing in a rather ashaming manner by going on national Tv and calling Chagga a heartless being!

Weasel says he hired Chagga because has no mercy as he never gave him time to grief for the death of Mowzey Radio. However Chagga on the other hand says it was his responsibility as the manager to maintain the Brand stable.

However amidst all this it has come to our attention that Weasel is already getting overboard as he is parting ways with the words he said on Mowzey Radio’s burial where he promised to uphold the legacy!

Last year in a Tv Interview Mowzey Radio expressed his respect for Chagga saying he introduced him to music, Chameleone and Weasel. In other words, he was the genesis of Radio and Weasel. He added that he would never fire him(Like Weasel did) but instead sit with him and talk around in case of any thing. Radio called Chagga names like, Big Boss, Boss of the Bosses and Big Papa among others.

Watch The Video Below: