YouTube Hiding Full Subscriber Counts from Later This Year

Later this year, YouTube will display public subscriber counts in a more consistent manner across its official apps and clients. Instead of the full count, the Google video site is moving to abbreviate the number of users subscribed to a channel.

Announced as an “early heads up” (via The Verge) today, Google wants “to create more consistency everywhere that we publicly display subscriber counts.”

“Currently, all creators with over 1,000 subscribers see their subscriber counts displayed differently in different places across YouTube desktop and mobile apps. In some cases, the subscriber count is abbreviated (e.g., 133k) and in other places we display the full count (e.g., 133,017).”

YouTube is moving to a truncated variant everywhere, including the desktop website and mobile apps. The only accounts excluded are those with under 1,000 followers, with the exact figure being displayed until the threshold has been reached.