Benon And Vamposs(Vampino) Set For A Reunion!

Latest news coming to our desk  is that the long dissolved duo of Benon and Vamposs is set to reunite.

This was revealed by Vampino’s Manager; Brandon.  The two are set to have a one night reunion at the forthcoming blankets and wine slated for Sunday 17th December 2017.

On the event that will take place at cricket Oval Lugogo, Vamposs(Currently Known as Vampino) will have to do all their hits with Benon. Among these is I know, Nze nawe, Zina ft. Viboyo, Mpenzi We, My lady and Nsazewo among others.

Several years after splitting up the two are expected to put the Blankets and Wine house down come December.

Vampino and Benon worked as a duo between 2000 and 2009 after which fate got them parting ways. Vampino joined Kiwundo Top Talent record label which covers as wide as East Africa and Benon settled at Swangz Avenue a record label they co-founded.