Entertainment Fraternity Pledges Help To Lugaflow Legend Rocky Giant after Thump From Butcher Man.

After a video circulating on socialedia showing Lugaflow Legend Rocky Giant being beaten by Butcher man and his gang for allegedly calling hslef the Ghetto President, a number of people in the entertainment circles have come out to make pledges to see the artiste back onto his feet.

Singer, Songwriter Nince Henry pledged to write at least two rap songs for the artiste while audio producer Diggy baur promised to produce two audio songs for Rocky at no cost too. Video director Sasha Vybz also pledged free music videos to the artiste.

Among other pledges is one million Uganda Shillings for promotion by Lugaflow artiste Victor Kamenyo, Clothing from Lil Pazo, Transport from CBS presenter; Mbaziira Tonny, as well as a hair cut sponsored by Simba FM’s Kakalamu.

It is however a common thing on the entertainment industry where people use such opportunities to garner attention or for showbiz purposes but never fulfil their promises.

It’s however upon these people to fulfill their pledges as promised.