Frightened Jose Chameleone Denies Thumping Journalist Calls Him to The Podium.

Musician Jose Chameleone has come out to rubbish the allegations that he almost thumped Bukedde Tv journalist Josephat Sseguya.

The Champion hit-maker who rather seemed bothered by the incident came out and told the public about how he never had any fight with Sseguya as it was earlier stated.

Chameleone says he was just talking to Sseguya as a friend.

“He is my friend, and brother i was just wondering why he would say such about me” said the doctor.

Chameleone always insisted that he had no intentions of thumping the journalist.

Apparently the self-proclaimed music beast has always been perturbed by the trails that Sseguya has been doing on him, the most recent one being about Chameleone’s kids’ saga where Sseguya apparently came out and boldly called for the arrest of Jose Chameleone.

Brian White who was with Chameleone also condemned this and confirmed that he is looking for Sseguya so they can settle the issues if there are any.

“There job is kind of hard, these kasukus here but Ugandans want messed things so much” said Brian White