Mind Your Business, You Know Nothing…- Pr.Bugingo Tells Off Pr. Kayanja.

After declaring a period of fasting so that Teddy Bugingo can regain her position as the wife to House of Prayer Ministries Pr.Aloysius Bugingo, the controversial man of God has come out to trash Pr.Jessica Kayanja’s efforts.

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While on his daily radio show, Bugingo warned Pr.Jessica to read her Bible other than jumping onto conclusions.

During the Misingi programme on labour day, he emphasised it that nothing can take him back to his Kitende based mansion.

Bugingo didn’t, however, rule it out that his remarrying could be a possibility. In his own words Bujjingo brought up the a saying “the beautiful ones are not yet born” s can still be applied today.

All hasn’t been well between Teddy and pastor Bugingo for more than three years.

In this programme Mr. Bujjingo warned the Kayanja ministries against interfering with his family.

We are not friends to the Kayanjas. Me and Teddy have never entered Miracle centre. We have never participated in any of the numerous activities at the Lubaga based magnificent looking church and I don’t think we shall ever go there. Bujjingo told the Kayanjas to mind their business.

You cannot love Teddy now because you have been very far from us for so many years. Kayanja you know nothing about these issues. Leave us alone. Bugingo continued to furiously warn.

He diluted the Haddasah Must Stay campaign where Jessica Kayanja calls on all christians especially women to intervene through prayer so that Teddy Bugingo stays.

Bugingo compared Jessica to a ripe mango which was perhaps rotten inside. He said that looks don’t mean brains.

He further advised Jessica to read the bible other than jumping to conclusions.

“Don’t be excited with the verses” he said.

Bugingo also urged all pastors wives to be submissive to their husbands and listed a number of wives that grouped up with their children to fight their husbands over property.

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