Ministry Of Health Has So Far Spent UGX 112Bn On COVID19 – Health Minister.

This morning, the Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has met the Private Sector to deliver an address on the Coronavirus pandemic and what government has done, is doing, and planning to do in order to keep the general public safe from the spreading deadly virus.

In her address, the good doctor said that if the worse comes to the worst, the Ministry of Health has set aside the newly refurbished Mulago National Referral Hospital to handle cases, and they have purchased standby tents.

In case of an outbreak in Uganda, Dr Aceng has also asked the private players in the medical field, those that own private hospitals to evacuate and let the government use their facilities, they will share the cost of utilities.

Dr Aceng has said that she sees people on social media wondering why she has not asked for billions from government to support the Ministry, and said that it is extremely expensive to keep the country safe from the pandemic.

“We have not asked government for billions because we have the money in the ministry, but it is expensive to maintain it. Surveillance is extremely expensive. We have been doing Coronavirus surveillance at all our entry points for only 10 weeks now but we have already spent $30 million (Over Shs112b) to keep the country safe. It is not cheap,” Dr Aceng said.

The health Minister said that although surveillance is extremely expensive, it has to go on, and they are still at it. The Minister has got tremendous applause from the public for the way her ministry has so far managed to keep the country free from Coronavirus, with no infections confirmed by press time.

President Musevein will give an address on the Coronavirus later today at 5:00pm.

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