MP Nantaba Gives Kiweewa Green Lights For ‘Nantaba’ Concert, Promises To Attend.

Kadongokamu singere Gerald Kiweewa has come out to make a huge announcement shortly after getting out of prison.

The famous ‘drunkard’ like he calls him self announced that he is looking at holding a concert he’ll dub ‘Nantaba’. The announcement came in shortly after Kiweewa was granted bail after getting arrested over his song ‘Nantaba’.

“Am looking at staging a concert dubbed Nantaba” he told the press.

The talked-about Nantaba who is a former Minister and a Member Of Parliament gave Kiweewa a go-ahead to stage the concert and do more music. She also promised to attend the concert if invited.

Nantaba however warned Kiweewa to be careful so as he isn’t used as a fishing bait.

“I have enemies and they can choose to use you to tarnish me.” Nantaba warned Kiweewa after denying to have logged any case in regards to the song because she doesn’t own any monopoly over the name Nantaba.

According to the police, the song degrades former minister Aidah Nantaba and taints her image.

The song is about a girl, Nantaba who’s getting a guy beaten for vibing her.So Kiweewa sings(in the chorus) warning Nantaba to stop playing around and decide to settle with one person because their son is getting beaten every now and then.