NTV Program Manager Should be Fired. – Prophet Mbonye Followers Roast NTV For Replacing Their Show With Age Limit Court Ruling Live Coverage.

Remnants as they refer to themselves have roasted Nation Media’s NTv for not airing their programme, ‘Power Of Legacy”.

The remnants who are followers of Prophet Elvis Mbonye have been ranting on social media instructing NTV to fore their programmes manager because the programme was overridden by a live coverage of the Age Limit Court Ruling.

According to feedback on the station’s social media, the remnants could not hold it but rant.

“It’s time for power of prophecy not for viewing old men stammering about Age limit crap” a one James Elvis says.

“It’s our father Prophet elvis Mbonye who knows everything about age limit, what is wrong with Ugandans” Niragire Brian also commented on NTV’s YouTube live stream.

Chris Tracheal reads; ” This country needs Prophet Elvis Mbonye to liberate them”

The non-Mbonye followers have however not hesitated returning fire.

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