PHOTOS:How It Went Down At Escape Maturity First Edition!

With growth comes the sacrifice of certain things, some of which might be a person’s favorite activity(ies). Remember all those favorite games during childhood like playing in the rain, Ludo, bladder, dulu, Omweso, kwepena(dodge ball), sonko(Hopscotch), board games, among others?

Well, that and more is what escape maturity represents, in this era where we’re too busy for ourselves amidst all the noise and stress around us, it is quite important for someone to relieve some stress off.

The event involved travelling to the jungles, to experience the beauty of nature , the morning sound of the birds, the rustling leaves of the trees, and the cool breeze of the early morning.

The first-ever escape maturity edition was held a few weeks ago at the Nile Discovery beach Njeru in the East of Uganda at $28.

The social event proprietor Kremu Brian told EJazz Media that the next edition will be happening his July bigger and better.

Below are some photos from the fun-filled event.