Susan’s Murder Shows What Sort Of Swine We Have In Africa. President Museveni Bitter About Susan Magara’s Death

The president of the Republic Of Uganda, his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni got so bitter after learning about the murder of Susan Magara a former Cashier who was kidnapped three weeks ago.

According to his eulogy, Museveni revealed that he knew about the kidnap as he was informed on 18th February 2018. He continued to wonder about the kind of “pigs” the Africa harbors!

“Susan’s murder shows what sort of swine(pigs) we have in Africa that do not value treasures like the beautiful Suzzie whom, unfortunately , i had not had the opportunity of meeting” He wrote.

The president also highlighted the gaps that his government is trying to cover up to date. Among these is the lack of cameras and unregulated sale of mobile phones SIM cards to people without electronic identity cards.