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How MP Betty Nambooze spread A False Rumour Of Fresh Kid Getting Minister’s Money!

Mukono Member of Parliament spread false rumour concerning Fresh Kid’s meeting with Hon.Nakiwala Kiyingi. Nambooze came out and posted on her social media saying Hon.Nakiwala had apologised to Fresh Kid given him received 5M UGX. Nambooze went ahead to say the minister had pledged to pay the kids school fees until his Primary Seven. However Fresh Kid’s manager has trashed …

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Betty Nambooze Set to Quit Politics

Mukono Member of Parliament; Hon. Betty Bakireke Namboize has come out to announce her plans to quit politics for journalism. While speaking on National television yesterday, Nambooze told journalist Samson Kasumba that she plans to leave active politics in 2026. Nambooze was responding to a question where “The Focus” Show host asked her if she had plans to fully return …

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Boat Cruise Accident: Hon. Betty Nambooze Warned About This Accident In September!

When a boat of over 300 got capsized in Tanzania on September 22nd, Mukono Member of Parliament: Hon.Betty Bakireke Nambooze came out and questioned how ready Uganda is for such a tragedy. Her questions however went unanswered and here is the tragedy. Below is Nambooze’s Post From September. WE ARE MOURNING WITH TANZANIA BUT IS UGANDA LEARNING ANYTHING? A Tanzania …

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They said all Bad things Against me and Installed My Political Heir! – Nambooze Spills Shocking Secrets About DP and her Fellow MPs.

Agonised Mukono MP Betty Bakireke Nambooze has come out to name her political party: Democratic Party(DP) as the trophy winners of indifference. “The trophy for indifference against me however goes to my political party DP and it’s dear leaders plus their new found pal Dr.Bwaniika” she says According to the bedridden MP, her party has failed to raise questions about …

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Nambooze Admits Missing Museveni’s Letters To The Bazzukulu. Brands Emilian Kayima and Ofwono Opondo as Boring.

Mukono Member of Parliament; Betty Bakirekke Nambooze has admitted missing the letters that the president had started writing to the public that he used to Refer to as the bazukulu(translated as grandchildren). “now we don’t know the story behind Bobi’s permission to travel and why Zaake has been disallowed to travel… why the Kabaka’s envoy to Boston is being held …

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